General Labor Cleanup – up to $16/hour – near Clinton, BC


We are looking for individuals who can work in indoor and outdoor environments doing general labour in different areas of BC to assist with wildfire clean up and restorations efforts.

These projects are to help various communities, businesses, and individuals with cleanup, restoration, and rebuild. The projects are temporary work and will last as long as help is needed for clean up projects. As work and skill sets permit we may also transition some people into build back projects. Projects may vary from a couple weeks to several months.

**All payroll will be completed through a local employment firm an in adherence to BC provincial standards.

Since you will be working in close proximity with lots of other people, we asked that you are respectful of yourself and others. This means you must be mild mannered and physically able to work on your feet for up to 10 – 12 hour shifts, and get along well with others. We expect that many people will be working several weeks in a row for 10-12 hour days.

*18 years of age or older
*Physically capable of doing physical labour
*Available to work full-time, subject to BC employment standards.
*Working Telephone Number and email address is helpful
*Subject to drug and alcohol testing
*PPE must be worn – hard hat, work boots, safety glasses, work gloves, safety vests, mask.

– Please note: Due to varying levels of air quality, it may be necessary to wear a mask or respirator.
If you have respiratory issues, you will want to obtain clearance from your doctor.

Must be willing and able to live and work in a hotel, lodge or camp environment including double occupancy per room, riding in buses and or vans to and from work daily.

TO APPLY: If you are interested in working with us, please follow the link below or copy & paste the link into your browser and complete the contact registration form.

We will contact you either by PHONE or TEXT. A REPRESENTATIVE WILL CONTACT YOU WITH JOB DETAILS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We don’t just work 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – So we may even call late evenings.

Sometimes we use an AUTOMATED CALL or TEXT to broadcast new or updated information so please look for and answer ALL OUT OF TOWN PHONE NUMBERS.

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