The LGS Team

The LGS Staffing team is comprised of extremely talented, intelligent, enthusiastic, and competent professionals – dedicated to helping you connect with others in your dynamic business community.


Jerry Ainsworth

Entrepreneur.  Devoted family man.  Baseball lover.  With more than 19 years in the staffing business, Jerry knows how to move the business of the labor market. He’s a seasoned team manager and a fast-paced mover.


Matt Ricksgers

A planner, a business person, and a leader.  Matt also has nearly 20 years in the staffing business and knows how to build relationships with companies and staff alike. He loves the excitement of taking on new projects and seeing them through to completion.


Cassey Corley

Cassey’s extensive experience in all things accounting shows through in her attention to detail. With a B.S. degree in Accounting & Economics and an MBA in Economic Crime and Fraud Management, she uses her exceptional skills to be accurate, correct, and concise with all the numbers she touches.


Mauricio Garzon

Mauricio serves as the Regional Account Manager for much of the Southeast. He has more than 10 years of experience providing strategic direction and team assistance and manages teams supporting hundreds of employees in several states. He lives in Miami, Florida with his family.


Wally Goldsmith

Wally has been working in the I.T. field since 1995. He’s experienced in applying technology solutions to improve efficiency and cost savings, and is passionate about finding a better way to accomplish the goals of any business. He enjoys sharing outdoor activities with his family and playing ice hockey.


Camille Hicks

Camille has been with LGS since 2012 and has been in industrial staffing for over 14 years. She enjoys bike riding and spending time with her family. She’s service orientated and loves to help others get back on track with their life and career goals.


Mary Merricks

Mary is a true Florida Girl and and project manager extraordinaire. She recruits for emergency and disaster response teams, and manages the teams on their way to solving complex problems with ease.


Juan Miranda

Juan has invested more that 25 years Human Resources and as a Project Manager. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech Industrial Psychology. He takes pride in a consistent record of excellence, best-practices models, and in being a resource for his employers to draw upon in improving processes all over the company. He enjoys playing chess and listening to music.


Jairo Mora

Jairo has more than 10 years experience in Operations and Organizational Systems and has put that knowledge to good use working with LGS since 2006. He keeps the customer in mind at every step to provide them with the best human talent to get the job done right. Inspiring everyone around him to give their best and enjoy life along the way. He goes the extra mile for the team, the labor, and the client.


Alan Naumann

Alan will update his profile soon.


Matt Schambeau

Matt’s background is diverse. He was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, has owned restaurants, and now runs the operations for LGS Staffing. When he’s not enjoying his family time, he likes woodworking and baseball.


Eddie Zito

Eddie loves helping clients look good by getting to know their needs, being prepared to service those needs, and by helping them find the right team when the time comes. Eddie has been repeatedly recognized for his roles in improving corporate bottom lines.

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