W2 information

If the address we have on file was correct, you should have already received your W2. If you do not have it, here are some tips to finding it:

1. Check with the other people in your home or apartment area. Sometimes mail gets put in the wrong box and sometimes it just gets left on a counter. Check around, ask family members, and ask anyone who lives with you.
2. Go online and print it out yourself. Visit www.lgsstaffing.com and click the button “Web Services” Log in with the username and password you created when you entered your application. Then go to the 2015 W2 link near the top.
3. If both of the above fail, you can come in to any of our locations in person. This must be done between 9am and 5pm. We are unable to print W2 information during dispatch. Please have a photo I.D. ready as we are required to check ID for the person picking it up. Please remember we cannot release your W2 to a spouse, child, parent, or friend. We can only release the one for the person with a matching photo I.D.

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