When I called LGS Staffing looking for a job, I’d been out of the workforce for eight years because I was a stay-at-home mom. I was scared that employers wouldn’t consider hiring me because I hadn’t been acquiring new skills or work experience. Labor Guys Staffing helped me put my fears to rest. My staffing specialist pointed out that I still had the skills I’d gained in my previous jobs … and that office managers were in great demand. She helped me update my resume and build my confidence. In less than a month, she found me the exact job I wanted, with the flexible schedule I needed.

M. Taylor, Receptionist and Office Manager

…within the first week of bringing LGS on board, our production increased from 1.5 million units per week to 1.8 million. That 1.8 million jumped to 1.9 million in the second week and we have been holding steady at that number ever since … fill rates jumped from 80% to 100% consistency … having two floaters (aka back-ups) has meant that we have never had to shut down a machine due to not having a large enough workforce. The LGS Lead has made our teams stronger and more accountable.

LaNorris P., Illing Company, Inc.

As the breadwinner for my family, I need to be earning consistent wages. When I was laid off from my warehouse job a few months ago, I tried to find a new job by looking in the local newspapers every week. Then a friend told me to try LGS Staffing, and everything turned around for me. LGS Staffing already works with some of the best manufacturing companies in Metro Atlanta, so it only took them a few phone calls to find me a temporary job which I started the next day. I did so well during my first week there, the client offered me a full-time job. It was a great feeling to come home that day and tell my family I had a new, permanent job.

D. Johnson, Warehouse Assistant Manager

I like variety in my jobs, so I have two different seasonal employers. During the summer, I work at a sports arena and enjoy the perks of watching baseball games and exciting fan activities for free. But I’m also a trained electrician. LGS Staffing helps me out during the winter months when I need to find contract jobs. They have a lot of contacts in the electrical industry so they’re able to find me work quickly and consistently. It’s a great partnership and I’d highly recommend them.

B. Brooks, Customer Service Rep. and Electrician

I have been a happy customer of LGS for over six years. By switching to LGS Staffing, I noticed improvements in the billing experience as well as the quality of the temporary worker. Additionally, working with LGS’ staff has always been a pleasure.

Dan S., Tucker Castleberry

I have worked with LGS Staffing for over a year. During that time, I worked on six different assignments. LGS Staffing noticed that I was a hardworking, on-time and dependable worker. As a result, a staff member said that he was going to find me a great higher-paying hourly position, and he did. Now, I am making 33% more per hour, in permanent assignment, with an outstanding company that treats employees like gold. Thanks LGS!!

Pamela Armstrong, Quality Control Specialist