AOL’s 10 Highest-Paying Blue Collar Jobs

Feeling stuck in a rut? What about these jobs? Just look at some of the things you can do with your time if you’ve got a little motivation and a few untapped skills. We don’t place for these positions at LGS, but you could come in today and see if we can place you somewhere… Read More »

LGS Staffing, your path to a new, better job

Stop by an LGS office today and sign up. We are constantly filling positions in the area around our locations and are always in need of people to take these positions. Make sure to tell your placement assistant about any skills or talents you have so we can get you something that makes sense for… Read More »

Safety starts with you.

A safety blog for Safety Officers but being aware of these items can keep us all a little safer. Arbill Safety Blog

Ideas to help keep us all motivated.

Motivation for Life Success Let’s have a great day! Here are some tips on how to succeed. At your job, in your family, in life. Make a promise to yourself to try just one of them and start seeing the change you want.

Inspirational Quotes

Enjoy some inspirational quotes to take us into the weekend. Board of Wisdom – Inspirational Quotes

Workplace Safety Tips

11 tips for effective workplace safety. Great reading for everyone. Keep yourself and your co-workers and work partners safe.

LGS staffing, your employment partner

Remember to keep your LGS file up to date. Let us know when you have changed addresses or phone numbers so we can be ready to contact you as the needs arise. We’re here to help put you to work and take takes good communication on all sides. You let us know when things change… Read More »