Inspirational Quotes

Enjoy some inspirational quotes to take us into the weekend. Board of Wisdom – Inspirational Quotes

Workplace Safety Tips

11 tips for effective workplace safety. Great reading for everyone. Keep yourself and your co-workers and work partners safe.

LGS staffing, your employment partner

Remember to keep your LGS file up to date. Let us know when you have changed addresses or phone numbers so we can be ready to contact you as the needs arise. We’re here to help put you to work and take takes good communication on all sides. You let us know when things change… Read More »

Know your rights

Here’s a handy reference guide to your rights as a worker. Fair Labor Standards Act

Now Hiring

Let LGS help you get back to work. We’re hiring now in all markets. Good jobs, weekly pay, and great benefits. Come in to one of our offices to see what’s available. Be sure to come early during dispatch hours to get the best assignments. LGS Staffing

Interview tips from

10 Interview tips from Monster. The best opportunities in life go to those who make the effort to prepare for them. Don’t wait for your lucky star, go out and do your best and get the best in return. Try some of these tips when you come in for dispatch. You’ll be pleased with the… Read More »