Source Qualified Workers for Recovery Efforts

Do you need experienced workers for cleanup and rebuilding after a disaster situation? Data management or payday solutions to facilitate faster recovery? Since 1999, LGS Staffing has provided comprehensive solutions that accelerate recovery and rebuilding after floods, fires, and other disasters. Our services include:

Environmental Restoration Services

Large Loss Recovery

Data Management

Payday Solutions

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Come Make a Difference

If you’re looking for a challenge and a way to make a difference at the same time, consider joining our disaster recovery team. After a disaster, hundreds and possibly thousands of people are needed to clean up and rebuild communities. If you live near an area that has experienced a natural or man-made disaster, including large-loss fires, floods, and other events, we can get you back to work while helping your community recover.

Restoration and reconstruction jobs help keep bills paid – and food on the table – for many families during and after life-changing situations. Here at LGS, we believe the best way to rebuild after disasters and keep spirits high is by hiring people from within local communities.

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