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Pitney Bowes Presort Worker: Job Preview – YouTube

Mail Sorter Job Description

  • Ensures that the mail is reviewed for proper date, postage, and good quality barcodes prior to being placed in the appropriate mail trays by verifying the zip codes on the mail match the mail trays properly.
  • Checks for presort endorsement on the mail.
  • Ensures that finished mail is organized neatly and placed right side up facing forward.
  • Communicates errors found in the mail to operator or supervisor to prevent re-work of mail.
  • Keep postage metered rejects separated by postage rate.
  • Keep mail separated by specific jobs.
  • Remove mail piece jams from the machine by pulling mail backward and upward to avoid damaging the mail.
  • Ensures that jammed mail is forwarded to the assigned bin to be properly sorted under proper client number, to avoid double counts on the machine.
  • Forwards empty and unsealed envelopes to the correction department.
  • Recognizes bad barcodes and notifies the operator.
  • Ensures all mail is cleared from all sort bins on the machine and racks for mailing.
  • Prepares out-going mail for sleeving by placing full mail trays into tray sleeves.
  • Keep mail bins stocked by replacing mail trays and tag holders when they are low.
  • Maintains clean work area by placing mail bins under machines.
  • Picks up plastic straps and strapping material off floors to prevent possible tripping hazards.
  • Regular scheduled attendance. Other duties as assigned.

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