If you are in one of our main LGS staffing offices, the VPN is not needed under normal circumstances. Only Indiana and Hamilton need this as of Feb 2021. Please note that running the VPN while in a regular office may actually slow down your internet connection just a bit.

If you are onsite with a client, using a backup MiFi device, at home, or at a hotel, this must be used to access the P: Drive.

Certain hotels can be tricky. If you’re having trouble connecting to the VPN while at your hotel, first try accessing the internet by going to a regular website. Some hotels require you to authenticate through a portal page first and accept their terms of use. They often have a password you get from the front desk or checkin app. In most hotels, this must be done once per day or every time you connect to the internet again after being away.

If you’ve tried all of that and are still having trouble, check with the hotel front desk. They may have suggestions for you. Also note that certain hotel chains intentionally block this on their free/guest network to encourage business travelers to pay more for the upgraded/business Internet access. Hilton is notorious for this and Marriott does it in certain parts of the country.

Now for the How To:

Start the VPN software

Enter your information. The file on the desktop called VPN.txt has your connection info. It is specific to each PC, so do not share this with others.

When connected, you’ll see a green W inside of a magnifying glass down in the system tray. Once that is green, you can now access the P: Drive. Right click this to disconnect.