Disaster Recovery

Need experienced and qualified workers for disaster recovery projects?

Data-management or payday solutions to facilitate recovery services?

LGS helps disaster recovery organizations get their clients back to business, faster. Since 1999, we have provided comprehensive solutions that accelerate recovery and rebuilding after floods, fires and other disasters:

Environmental Restoration Services. Skilled and general labor for restoration and environmental response companies, nationwide. Fast access (even same-day support) to experienced workers for flood, fire, tornado, biohazard, hurricane and content cleaning projects.

Large Loss Recovery. Experienced in hurricane, biohazard, tornado, flood, fire and oil spill projects, LGS Staffing’s mobile office team has the experience, equipment and support to respond quickly – and deploy workers when you need them most.

Data Management. LGS Vision RTD is an innovative, web-based technology designed specifically to manage data on an extreme scale during large loss and catastrophe recovery.

Payday Solutions. Our debit card payroll system eliminates payday lines and reduces missed days and other pay-related issues – to keep your work site problem free. When subcontracting is necessary (for large projects or tight labor markets) we act as the master vendor. You work with one point of contact and receive one bill.

The LGS Advantage. Carefully chosen and experienced labor staff. Quick responses from team leads. Professional follow through. These make LGS Staffing one of the best sources for Disaster Response Teams.

Check out our Disaster Recovery Solutions at work:

Fishkill, NY

A fire in the GAP distribution center in Fishkill, NY caused heavy damage to portions of the facility. LGS managed over one hundred thirty workers to clean up and restore the building to operational status.

Fort MacMurray, Alberta

The wildfire in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, destroyed thousands of homes, displaced wildlife, and was the costliest disaster in Canadian history. LGS assisted Canadian authorities with many of the tasks brought on by this sort of disaster. We helped with fire and smoke damage, rebuilding of infrastructure and business, and assisted with housing demo and restorations.

Sioux Falls, Iowa

An outbreak of avian flu hit flocks in and around Iowa. LGS was there to manage safe, public-health oriented disposal of the sick birds and the subsequent sanitizing of the processing facilities.

Atlanta, GA
The Westin Peachtree Plaza – Tornado: Utilized 75 associates per day to remove glass and debris from the rooms and board up windows. Throughout the project the hotel was operational and we were able to help the Westin retain its positive image during a critical time. Bradburn Building – Fire: Tasked for 50 workers, 24hrs per day for a three-week project. We were able to help our client complete the project ahead of schedule and under budget.
Iowa City, IA/ Cedar Rapids, IA
University of Iowa – 18+ Buildings damaged by Flood: Utilized a daily average of 500-600 workers. We supplied not only general labor, but assistant accountants, inspectors, and inventory specialists. Facing fears that the project would interfere with the opening of the fall 2008 semester, we worked diligently with our clients to find ways to streamline the process to ensure school would begin on time, which it did. Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Flooding: Because of the exemplary work we were doing at the University of Iowa, our client contacted us to take over smaller projects in Cedar Rapids where previous staffing vendors had been unable to meet the expected numbers. With each of the projects, we were able to succeed where others failed.
Houston, TX
JW Mariott-Hurricane: In response to Hurricane Ike, we were once again able to help our client with the delicate task of recovery efforts within an operational hotel. This time we had only 20 associates working around the clock. Reliant Stadium-Hurricane: Also in response to Hurricane Ike, we were once again under a critical timeline: restore the storm-affected stadium in time for the Texans’ season opener. Utilizing a crew of 75, we were able to finish the project well ahead of schedule, bringing overwhelming joy to thousands of die-hard football fans.
Louisville, KY

Reynolds Plant-Flood: After the flash-flooding of 2009, we were tasked to assemble a crew of 100+ workers in less than 12 hrs. Following our structured deployment plan, we were able to have more than the required number of workers ready for applications and orientation before our road team even arrived. The severely damaged plant was back in production in less than two weeks.

Nashville, TN
OpryLand Hotel-Flood: Enormous in scale and sensitive to local residents, the beloved landmark was widely damaged by flooding in the spring of 2010. We were offered the project and were able to ramp up to the required 1,000 workers per day in a remarkably short period of time. For the first leg of the project we ran crews 24 hrs per day, seven days a week. Furthermore, as the scope of the project changed, we were able to accommodate each of these changes efficiently using our cutting-edge technology, which allowing us to reach all of our workers simultaneously. Opry Mills Mall-Flood: Because of the work at the neighboring landmark, we were invited to staff several of the stores our clients were contracted on. Space Park-Flood: Simultaneous to the projects at OpryLand and OpryMills, our client also asked us to staff an office park that had also been damaged by the flood. We supplied a team of approximately 60 associates to assist in the clean up of two dozen buildings.
St. Louis, MO

Bally’s Total Fitness-Fire: As a favor to a current client’s superintendent, we deployed a small management force to assist in the 50-man, two-week project of cleaning up after a fire. Once again, we were able to quickly recruit, staff, and complete the project ahead of schedule.

Panama City, FL

Gulf Oil Spill: In preparation to supplying a single worker, we were required to fulfill an extensive process which required each worker to receive a 40hr HAZWOPER certificate, a physical, a lung function test, drug test, and criminal background check. We hired our own trainer and were in complete compliance with every requirement. We ran crews of 100 per day for nearly five weeks before the site was deactivated. Since then, the Panama City Beach site has been recognized by BP, OSHA, and many other organizations as one of the safest and best managed sites on the entire Gulf Coast.

Pensacola, FL

Gulf Oil Spill: Brought in to help organize and manage the site, we took over several other staffing companies’ crews when they were unable to meet the requirements. We have been running 300+ beach technicians per week to tremendous success.

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