Challenging and Hard-to-Fill Positions?

Allow our expert recruiting team to address your needs by applying their expertise to fill these hard to fill, niche skill set positions.

If your HR is struggling to keep up with direct hire demands, allow our out-of-the-box and best practice recruiting to take the lead and reduce your work burden.

At LGS, our recruiting team becomes a true extension of your business, acting on your behalf to source, qualify, engage, and hire directly to your payroll staff to make a positive difference in your organization. We can staff all of your direct hire placement needs and specialize in:




Call Center

Health Care

Visa Debit Cards


Information Technology



C-Suite and Leadership

Excellence in Delivery!

In these challenging times, it is becoming more challenging for businesses to keep up with growing hiring demands. We take that worry away with industry best practices, combined with innovative strategies needed to address the ever changing candidate market. From hourly associates to C-Suite level and all roles in between, our Direct Hire Placement Staffing services is a dedicated team that works as an extension of your HR recruiting function at the ready to address your needs! We take the time upfront to understand the condition and specific skill sets you are looking for, then attack the needs to provide qualified candidates to you and deliver them in record time.

Two Successful Businesspeople Brainstorm on e-Commerce Marketing
Group of programmers and software developers

Right People at the Right Time, with the Right Resource – LGS!

We find the people you need at the time you need them most! We exhaust all efforts to assemble a talented team that has expertise in your needed space, apply a comprehensive sweep and review of the candidates in the market, and those that don’t know they are in the market! We are creative, aggressive recruiters with an unmatched professionalism. We make connections between you and the perfect candidates, to ensure long term relationships. We ensure we understand your needs, your business culture, and the best candidates through targeted marketing, multi-tiered sourcing strategies, expansive market knowledge and prowess, while meeting your staff needs.

The Difference and Recruitment Disrupter

At LGS, whether you are looking for Direct Hire Placement Staffing, or temporary associates for your business, we customize a solution to meet your needs. Our concierge approach supports all aspects of our support, and you will be pleased with the results. We will adapt to your needs to ensure our staffing solution scales with your business, especially in an ever changing candidate market. We do it like no one else can with 20+ years of excellence and a true disrupter in staffing due to innovative and cutting edge strategies.

Ready to get started and infuse a staffing resource that gets results?

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Direct Hire Staffing


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