Staffing & Workforce Management

Serving a wide range of industries, LGS Staffing offers strategic and flexible solutions for your large contingent workforce:

Temporary. Flex your workforce to match your workload. Cover seasonal staffing needs. Control overhead while accessing the safe, productive and reliable people you need – right when you need them.

Temp-to-Hire. Evaluate our employees on the job to ensure a great fit – before extending an offer of employment.

Direct. Hire more quickly and cost-effectively – especially for hard-to-fill roles. We handle the legwork. You get great candidates and only pay for our services if you hire someone we present.

On-site. Get a dedicated LGS Staffing coordinator to manage all your contract and direct hire staffing needs. We handle procurement, screening, selection and administration for new workers. We also provide consolidated billing and reporting for associate suppliers participating in the managed services.

Vendor Management. Simplify your use of staffing across multiple skills, locations and/or vendors. We act as a central point of coordination and accountability, for our employees as well as other vendors, to improve talent sourcing, selection, retention and productivity.

HR Consulting. Improve your profitability and enhance your company’s productivity. Our team will work with you to design and implement strategic solutions to make your HR organization more efficient, flexible and cost-effective.

PEO. As a professional employer organization, LGS can provide workforce solutions for your employment-related functions, including benefits, payroll administration, risk management and HR services.

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